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Friday, July 16th 2010

2:32 AM

Quick ways to get rid of moles

Good mole removal methods

All the way since ancient Greece have moles been seen as something bad and unsightly, and it is no different today. It is very unfortunate that moles have a nasty habit of showing up in the must unfortunate places, such as on your face or neck, and there isn't anything that can be done to prevent them.

Others usually don't see the distress a mole can create. To begin with, growing a unsightly mole in an unlucky spot such as on your face or neck can very quickly ruin someones self confidence and self perception. The same applies to moles on the torso which to others can seem harmless but to the victim can be inhibiting to the point that he or she might refuse to take their shirt off at the beach and so on. A insecure person may become withdrawn and drastically different from his of her normal happy self.

Other annoying aspects about moles are that they can rub against clothing and become painful and inflamed, get in the way during shaving or get caught in zippers. On the other hand the mole can be small and go unnoticed.

But the truly dangerous thing about these blemishes is that a mole may sometimes develop into cancer, a melanoma. It is often difficult to distinguish some types of moles from cancers and sometimes a mole sufferer might overlook something important and dangerous thinking that it is just another mole.

Thanks to today's medical technology blemishes are nothing to get upset about since it can usually be easily removed, so chin up and read on. All of the available methods, from simple creams that you can use yourself in the comfort of your own home, to advanced hi tech laser surgery that can sometimes be very pricey, all different methods have their benefits and weaknesses. All methods yields slightly different results so research them all and find out which of them are most suitable for your personal needs. It doesn't really matter if you want to get rid of a blemish because of career reasons or health reasons, the more you know the better choice you can make.

Here are some common mole removal methods.

Scalpel Removal

This is probably the most common way of removing moles. It can be used on most moles as long as they are not too big and can be removed in one single procedure. It consists of the doctor excising the mole from the base up with a scalpel after numbing the area by injecting an anesthetic and cleaning the area with a antibacterial solution. After the blemish has been removed doctors might sew the wound with regular stitches, which require a return visit for removal, or simply bandaged if the base of the blemish is small enough. In some cases the doctor might use dissolving stitches. The mole may be sent to a lab if necessary to check for malignancy. This procedure can be carried out in a local doctors office unless the mole is large or situated in a sensitive area or an area prone to scarring.

If the mole is tiny and flat enough to not be above the layer of the skin it might be preferred to burn it off instead of removing it manually with a scalpel. The preparatory work in the doctors office is very similar to the one used in scalpel excision. Then the doctor will use a burning tool to remove the mole. This method doesn't require any stitches. It is an cost effective method that sometimes leaves a slightly lighter skin tone on the burned area.

Laser Mole Removal

This is method that is a little bit more pricey than the other methods, but it pays off since it is the safest one with the lowest risk of infection and scarring. It uses a laser to cut instead of scalpel, which means cleaner cuts.

Home Treatment
Can be used if the mole is not showing signs of malignancy. There are various home treatments that suits different skin types.

You can read up on the different methods for Mole Removal here.

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Friday, July 16th 2010

2:32 AM

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